The Practical Canary Handbook

 A Guide To Breeding & Keeping Canaries


written by Marie Miley-Russell


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A book dedicated to canary care and breeding for the canary fancier and pet owner!


Many modern books available in pet and book stores about canaries tend to be overviews of canaries in general, filled with glossy photos and little in-depth information. Many of the most useful books about raising and exhibiting canaries are decades old and hard to find. I wrote this book after receiving a large number of requests from people looking for quality information about canaries.


This book covers topics such as breeding, general care, health & disease, feeding, the song (specifically American Singer song), show training and many more topics of interest to those looking for practical information about canaries in general and American Singers in particular. One entire chapter of the book focuses on the most frequently asked questions of new owners of pet canaries while others offer detailed information of interest to those seeking to breed and exhibit birds.

The book has been read and reviewed by some of the most experienced and successful American Singer breeders in the country and is highly recommended by them- in fact, referrals by those breeders have been responsible for a large number of word-of-mouth book sales.


The Practical Canary Handbook is 148 pages long and packed with useful information!




The soft cover version of The Practical Canary Handbook is NOW AVAILABLE!!!!!

The soft cover version can only be purchased through the Booklocker website. Follow this link to the book's page: The Practical Canary Handbook. This version is $14.95.


An e-book version is also available for sale on the Booklocker site. The cost is of the e-book is $9.95.


The Booklocker website is a secure site which accepts Visa and MasterCard.


The spiral bound version is SOLD OUT- over 200 books sold all over the world! I may reprint it, but at this point the book is only available through 



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